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Re: [MirageOS-devel] OCaml Labs meeting - Wed 21st May in the Computer Lab

On 25 Apr 2014, at 18:11, Daniel Bünzli <daniel.buenzli@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Le vendredi, 25 avril 2014 à 18:20, Richard Mortier a écrit :
>> also, out of curiosity, what's the (ocamllabs) recommended ocaml build 
>> system? oasis or something else? (daniel's recent shell script?)
> Note, my former shell script which is now an extensively documented ocaml 
> script is *not* a build system, it's a *package builder*: a declarative 
> script you write for your package that has the effect of invoking a selection 
> of targets in the build system of a distributed package according to an 
> explicit build environment (e.g. depopt specs) passed on the command line. 
> It's not supposed to be invoked by humans but by machines through package 
> systems (e.g. opam).
> The idea is to make a clear distinction between building and installing and 
> leaving installation to a third party tool (e.g. opam) rather than implement 
> an install procedure in your build system. Another goal is to avoid having 
> machine generated build systems (i.e. configure-like steps) and/or meta-tools 
> that isolate you from your build system (e.g. oasis).
> See https://github.com/dbuenzli/topkg for more information.

ah, right-- thanks for the clarification.



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