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Re: [MirageOS-devel] [ANN] IPv6 on Mirage!

Le jeudi, 20 novembre 2014 Ã 08:13, Thomas Gazagnaire a Ãcrit :
> foo-type: the definition of the mirage FOO signature
> foo: the functors for FOO. Depend on foo-type as we want to check 
> signature/implementation matching at compile time. Depends on bar-type, 
> baz-type, etc...
> foo-unix: the implementation of FOO for unix. Depends on foo.
> foo-xen: the implementation of FOO for xen. Depends on foo.
> foo-mirage: the implementation of the combinators for foo-type. Depends on 
> foo-type. Might add a dependency on a specific versions of foo-unix and 
> foo-xen if the right combinators are used when used in a config.ml. For each 
> new versions of foo-unix and foo-xen, we need to upgrade the constraints 
> (which might be painful) to ensure backward-compatibility. Or we can have 
> open constraints, and do a minor release with the right updated constraints 
> before bumping the major version number.

Can't these simply be subpackages ? Basically the root package foo is foo-type. 
All other are subpackages (foo.func, foo.unix, foo.xen, foo.mirage) whose 
existence is conditioned by depopts.  

> $ mirage configure [--xen]
> will install either foo-unix or foo-xen automatically, depending on having 
> [--xen] or not on the command-line (as the mirage tool does currently).
I think it would be interesting to look if this can be split up a bit with a 
kind of mirage-get that handles the installation and then use assemblage's new 
rich configuration system for setting up the build system. If we eventually get 
to a good default driver (or at least the driver I have been dreaming about, 
see assemblage's #145), you would then have the ability to live with both the 
xen and unix build side-by-side without having to restart from scratch each 
time you switch target.   



P.S. http://openmirage.org (http://openmirage.org/) should be reorganized a 
bit, it took me more time than needed to get to mirage's github home (I 
wouldn't think this would live under the "community" tab). 

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