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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Irmin roadmap

Le vendredi, 21 novembre 2014 Ã 17:55, Thomas Gazagnaire a Ãcrit :

> Hum, indeed, that makes sense. There some cases where you can build a [t] 
> without calling [create] (see [1]) but these functions could take an [origin] 
> as argument as well. The initial idea was to have a new origin for every 
> high-level operation (the origin contains the date of the call for instance), 
> but this is not enforced by the API anyway, so I guess I could try to 
> simplify.

Dont forget to think if such a signature could be possible:  

val zorglub : t -> origin -> origin -> â

though then that could be collapsed to val zorglub : t -> origin -> â Maybe it 
would also be nice to have val origin : t -> origin.  



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