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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Irmin roadmap

A new version of the API is available online (as usual 

Changes since last time:
- origin is renamed to task
- tasks are hidden in the type t of the database handle
- the type t takes also a list of params, which can be used by the various 
backend to configure various stuff. The idea it to have, for example, only one 
Git module, and create different stores using different params (such as the 
path) instead of having to call a functor every time (which is particularly 
painful when you just want to change the repository path)
- the mli has much more consistent documentation. Please feel free to comment 
if you find something which is not clear or which could be improved.

Still need to do: Integration of the backends and the HTTP server to the new 
API. Plan is to finish this in the next couple of days.


>> Hum, indeed, that makes sense. There some cases where you can build a [t] 
>> without calling [create] (see [1]) but these functions could take an 
>> [origin] as argument as well. The initial idea was to have a new origin for 
>> every high-level operation (the origin contains the date of the call for 
>> instance), but this is not enforced by the API anyway, so I guess I could 
>> try to simplify.
> Dont forget to think if such a signature could be possible:  
> val zorglub : t -> origin -> origin -> â
> though then that could be collapsed to val zorglub : t -> origin -> â Maybe 
> it would also be nice to have val origin : t -> origin.  
> Best,
> Daniel

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