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Re: [MirageOS-devel] command line arguments for unikernels

Le jeudi, 4 dÃcembre 2014 Ã 17:37, Nicolas Ojeda Bar a Ãcrit :
> Right now they are defined by their name, and it is a fatal error if
> you use two different parameters with the same name. But I like the
> idea of emitting a warning and renaming the parameter if there is a clash.

That fatal error could be very annoying it goes against modularity. We really 
don't want to be stuck because two developers not knowing each other choosed to 
use the same name for a key. Just to make it clear, in assemblage I do not 
rename the *key name*, keys are distinguished by an integer uid and are allowed 
to have duplicate names. However I do find an alternate *command line option 
name* so that you can still set the value of both keys sharing the same name 
from the command line.



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