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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Irmin API newbie questions

>>>> One layer that would be very useful over this commit graph is some notion 
>>>> of
>>>> diffs.  I'd quite like to be able to describe a data structure in terms of
>>>> patches, since that's quite often the reason why I'm traversing the history
>>>> in the first place.  If I just want to go back in time, I can stash 
>>>> relevant
>>>> points in a tag and never need to walk the commit history.
>>> Good idea, I'll try to see if I can add a diff on the graph edges (via a 
>>> user-provided function to compute diffs)
>> I've added a simple `Irmin.history` function to get the graph of commits: 
>> http://mirage.github.io/irmin/Irmin.html#VALhistory
> Thanks - that's working nicely. I've added a page to my js_of_ocaml
> app that shows the last few commits.


Latest news on the Xen front: I've managed to do a `git clone` using the mirage 
direct TCPIP stack (in unix) and the raw Git protocol (git://). 
That's still a bit cumbersome:
- on OSX, the mirage stack needs to have a DHCP lease before been able to do a 
TCP connection
- the TLS stack is not yet integrated into conduit (so I cannot really test the 
smart HTTP protocol with Github's https)
- and there a few bits and pieces which needs to be clean-up.

working on the full Irmin+Xen integration until the end of the week.


> Note: it's probably worth removing "Irmin inside the browser" from the
> Pioneer Projects list now. It's working fine (with HTML5 storage).
> Getting it to work is just a case of modifying Irmin to use Daniel
> BÃnzli's pure-OCaml implementation of SHA-1 and implementing a few JS
> helpers for blitting with bigarrays.
>> There is no diff on the edges yet (see 
>> https://github.com/mirage/irmin/issues/151 which keeps track of that).
> -- 
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