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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Fwd: [ANN] RISC-V backend for the native-code OCaml compiler

On 09/06/2015 10:32, Nicolas Ojeda Bar wrote:
> Hi Vincent!
> My sense is that it would not be too much work at all.
> The only differences I could readily observe were related to exception
> handling and some of the bits of the runtime system, nothing serious.
> In fact I was wondering why it was deprecated at all (maybe because
> MIPS is no longer popular ?).

It was written for MIPS64, a CPU that did not really existâ that might
exist one day though. It was deprecated because there was nobody to
maintain and test it (probably because no hardware).

It never worked for MIPS32 which are the ones in the openwrt routers.

> If you have access to actual MIPS hardware (with gcc on it) then I
> reckon it wouldn't be too hard to get things back in shape.

I have this, openwrt machine with a USB key on it.
I tried in the past to use an OCaml 4.00.0 version for MIPS


But stopped when I realised that this would not work for the MIPS32 I
was targetting.

I lack the knowledge / time to acquire it to develop this, but in the
opinion of some people (like Pierre Chambart) this is "not very hard".

> I'm happy to discuss any of this further (to the extent of my knowledge) ...

Thanks for your answer, I'm putting Rixed in the loop (he worked with
OCaml/MIPS in the past, and is waiting for the availability of MIPS64 to
start working on this again).
But personally I'm interested in MIPS32 now.



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