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[MirageOS-devel] [ANN] opkg v0.0.1 - Documentation access improvements


One of the goal of the `opkg` project [0] is to kill the myth 
that documentation doesn't exist in the OCaml eco-system. 
The fact is that documentation exists in many cases; it's only 
scattered and thus painful to access.

A first version of `opkg` was released just to address this problem. 
Among other things like swift access to installed change logs, 
it uses ocamldoc to generate best-effort, per package,
API docsets, relying on the mlis and cmis installed by packages. 

In a >= 4.03 switch, simply invoke :

  opam install ocaml-manual opkg 
  opkg ocamldoc
  opkg doc

Future `opkg` releases will rely on `cmti` files and use 
the maturing `odoc` effort [1] for generating API docsets.
This will notably add inter-package cross-references.

If the packages you use comply with opkg's install conventions,
there are a few other commands that you will find useful, here
applied to the bos package which satisfies them:

  opkg doc bos # Show generated API docs
  opkg changes bos # Show release notes
  opkg issues bos # Browse issues
  opkg homepage bos # Browse homepage
  opkg online-doc bos # Browse online docs

More information can be found in `opkg help basics`. 

Information on packaging conventions is in `opkg help packaging`. 
Note that these conventions are automatically enforced without 
having anything special to do if you use `topkg` [2] to release 
your packages.

Finally note that `opkg` is mostly a dumb command driver. All the 
hard work of API doc generation is being done by ocamldoc and 
credits should go to Maxence Guesdon for all the work he put in it
over the years.

Best & RTFM,


[0] http://erratique.ch/software/opkg
[1] https://github.com/ocaml-doc
[2] http://erratique.ch/software/topkg

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