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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Raspberry Pi 3 installation

On 10/10/16 12:42, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
On 10 Oct 2016, at 04:20, Eugene Bagdasaryan <eb693@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for the response! I understood that RPi is the worst case for virtualization. 
They lack GIC and KVM doesn’t support it.
What hardware would you suggest to try? Does Pine 64 suits for Xen 
installation? And is there still some kind of guide for this?
This is in general an excellent question when it comes to ARM hardware.  We 
seem to have a shifting environment of hardware availability and Xen support 
(which has to be carefully matched with the Linux kernel version used).

Is anyone aware of an upstream Xen/ARM support page, or do we need to start our 
own?  Perhaps we could all record what setup we are using for our ARM machines 
if nothing exists, to kickstart a broader upstream page.


There are also the notes that Ian wrote from the last hackathon https://gist.github.com/ijc25/612b8b7975e9461c3584b1402df2cb34 .

I have a pine64 and just haven't had time to use the above notes and the support given by longsleep https://github.com/longsleep/ - for the pine64 - xen needs to be pulled in.


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