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Re: [MirageOS-devel] ipv4 configuration overhauls & dhcp client adjustments

I’m aware this may be a challenge or impossible but one suggestion - it would 
be useful if somehow an /etc/metwork/interfaces file could be passed in to a 
unikernel, with the networking being configured as defined in the interfaces 

The reason I ask this is that some of the clouds (Rackspace, Digital Ocean, 
Softlayer) provide no DHCP mechanism and the network configuration is injected 
into the machine at runtime.

If it were possible to pass /etc/network/interfaces in - (perhaps via initramfs 
- is this supported in Mirage kernel boot?) then it might become 
easier/possible to run on the clouds mentioned above.

I understand of course that this may be impractical or not a desirable approach 
but I thought I’d ask since I saw the message on the list re network config.



On 3 Nov 2016, at 2:51 AM, Mindy <mindy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi folks,

I recently spent a bit of time attempting to make the mechanism by which 
network stacks are configured in the ipv4 universe a bit less surprising.  I 
got these into PR shape early today, and I'd appreciate any comments you might 
have.  I'm happy to hear them here, on the PR, or privately.

mirage PR, with:

* changes to the public methods used in `config.ml` files

* a new module type in V1_LWT called DHCP_CLIENT

* removal of some functions in V1's IP module type

* changes to the types representing ipv4 configuration and ipv6 configuration

* removal of the `mode` argument to V1_LWT.STACKV4 's id GADT

is available at https://github.com/mirage/mirage/pull/643 .

mirage-tcpip PR, with:

* Static_ipv4 and Dhcp_ipv4 instead of Ipv4

* tcpip-stack-direct that does not attempt to configure the ip, but rather 
expects one with parameters arleady set

* a tcpip_stack_direct that does not automatically call listen before the user 
has had a chance to register listeners

is available at https://github.com/mirage/mirage-tcpip/pull/260 .

To pull the whole set of changes, you can add this repository to your opam 

opam remote add normalize-ipv4 

There is also a branch of mirage-skeleton which incorporates these changes:




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