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Re: [MirageOS-devel] ipv4 configuration overhauls & dhcp client adjustments

Hi folks,

These changes have been merged! Thanks for all of you who helped out, particularly Drup and Hannes who provided a lot of helpful code review and feedback. Also, many thanks to haesbaert, as charrua-core was a dream to work with -- charrua-client is very small, and over half of it is tests. :)

This patchset triggered Travis-CI build #1000 of mirage/mirage, which incidentally was a passing set of tests :D https://travis-ci.org/mirage/mirage/builds/173067558

(It was also very rewarding for me, as it touched a part of the MirageOS codebase that was responsible for my original involvement in the project. I got to resolve the first TODO generated from my feedback, along with some others!)

There are a few TODOs open on charrua-client if anyone is interested in continuing this work. I'd be particularly interested in seeing a patch for lease renewal, which the package and corresponding entry in mirage-types-lwt is (hopefully) architected to allow but is currently unimplemented. :)


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