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[MirageOS-devel] GSoC '17 - Interested in Contributing to Irmin

Hi Everyone,

My name is David and I am a prospective GSoC student. I have recently acquired a basic working knowledge of OCaml through my undergraduate functional programming course, and I'm excited to hopefully combine by enthusiasm for open-source with my newfound zeal for functional programming by contributing to Mirage OS through GSoC this summer. From looking at the "help needed" projects on Canopy, I am especially interested in implementing a GC for Irmin. While I work on understanding what exactly this entails, I was wondering what would be appropriate for a small starting contribution to the project. It seems to me like one (or both) of the following tickets is low-hanging fruit:


But please let me know if another ticket is better suited to starting out, or if my starting contribution could be better used on a different aspect of the MIrage OS project.


David Udelson '18
Computer Science
Cornell University College of Engineering
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