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Re: [Predisclosure-applications] Xen Security Pre-disclosure list

On Mon, 2015-03-02 at 20:10 +0000, Lucas Vianna wrote:
> we would like to be included on the pre-disclosure list.


Thank you for your application.

The security policy[0] requires "Link(s) to current public web pages,
belonging to your organisation," for each piece of information.  This is
missing in the case of "Evidence of your status as a user/distributor of

The policy also says "If the pages are long and/or PDFs are involved,
your email should say which part of the pages and documents are
relevant." which is particularly relevant when it is necessary for us to
use a translation service. Please could you let us know which section of
your "Cloud Computing e Servidores Dedicados" document contains:

        Your invitation to members of the public, who discover security
        problems with your products/services, to report them in
        confidence to you;" and
        Specifically, the contact information (email addresses or other
        contact instructions) which such a member of the public should

Please can you provide this information so that we may continue to
process your application.


[0] http://www.xenproject.org/security-policy.html

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