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Re: [Wg-test-framework] ThunderX machines (for the Xen Project OSSTEST Test Lab)


if R150-T61 and R150-T60 are dual socket and use the same CPU and are dual
so, aka pass 2.0, I would say
- send me an updated quote for the cheaper one
- if the price is the same (within 5% of each other) and one variant has a
shorter lead-time, go for the one which has the shorter lead-time
- if there is no difference on either of them, stick with the R150-T61

Best Regards

On 14/02/2017 11:03, "Julien Grall" <julien.grall@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi Lars,
>On 02/14/2017 09:10 AM, Lars Kurth wrote:
>> Steve,
>> I am waiting for the updated quote. I am assuming you are waiting for
>> Julien to confirm?
>>> I noticed an error in our quotation where we described the R150-T61 as
>>> having 10 x 2.5" storage bays.
>>> This is incorrect, it has 4 x 3.5" bays.    The R150-T60 has 10 x 2.5"
>>> bays if you want that.
>> Are both machines dual socket?
>Looking at the gigabyte website, both are dual socket. The main
>difference seems to be the HDD/SDD bays.
>Regarding the CPUs, we confirmed that the R150-T61 is using Thunder-X
>pass 2.0. Is it the same for R150-T60?
>> Is there a price difference between the R150-T61 (4 x 3.5" bays) and
>> R150-T60 (10 x 2.5" bays)?
>> I believe ultimately, we don't care about whether the machine has 4 x
>> HDD/SSD bays or 10 x 2.5" HDD/SSD bays.
>> So we should go for the version which is
>> A) either cheaper
>> B) available more quickly
>> @Julien, can you confirm?
>I would be fine with either one assuming both are using Thunder-X pass
>2.x CPUs.
>Also, it is worth mentioning that Xen upstream is not currently booting
>on Thunder-X. There is on-going work to add the support for the
>interrupt controller (GICv3 ITS). A series is under review on the ML and
>I am hoping will be present in Xen 4.9. I am in contact with Cavium to
>figure out what else is missing to get at least a shell prompt in DOM0.
>Julien Grall

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