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Re: Installing WinPV drivers on Windows 2019

Hi Paul,


Which version of the drivers should I install on a production system?
The ones released by XCP-NG (even though I'm running Xen Open Source,
not XCP-NG? 8.2.2 or 9.0.0?

I'm happy to give it another go with the version you recommend. Should I
check remaining registry entries or should the uninstaller (via Control
Panel) take care of removing those?

The XCP-NG drivers *should* be fine. I have not tried them myself for a while 
though. The fact they are bundled with an installer does make them more 
convenient so I suggest you do give them a go.

Thanks for your reply. I've installed the XCP-NG drivers on the production VM. Fingers crossed that resolves the issue.




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