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Re: [Xen-API] how to compile XCP source?

Hi George,

ok, that is tricky part.

I've still did not apply compiled packages to XCP to see it working or not. (Nice holiday theme, actually, I'll check that).

Some notes:

1) XCP do not use xend. So xend should not be hear xapi. If them both will run, results gonna be like breath and drink same time.
2) XCP has set of direct changes to filesystem - on original XCP iso. It is like 'tarball to unpack'

3) You should state clear what you want to do: rebuild XCP from scratches to running system or just able to make modification to the existing code? I've actually aiming for the second. First one will require serious works, because 'tightly build' means 'patched as hell and will break in unexpected places if something changed'.
I want to re-construct a basic or minimal XCP based on a nativeÂCentOS. So I rebuiltÂxen, kernel-xen and xapi from XCP source iso and installed them on a CentOS5.9. In this way, I found theÂbuilt xen might not function correctly.ÂI'm not sure if this method is available.
At least, I thinkÂif I installedÂxen-xxx.rpm and kernel-xen.xxx.rpm in the official binpkg.iso, I can run into Dom0 and do some basic operation, such as 'xl list'. But it does not work at all. So I'm very confused about how to use the official *.src.rpm and *.rpm.

Some issues I know:
1) ixgbe driver should be threated with care (issues with OVS/vlans)
2) LVM tools should be patched to allow lvmoiscsi normal operations.
3) extlinux loader instead of normal grub
4) xen is patched and should not be vanilla
5) Kernel should be -xs, not vanilla or centos native (2.6.18)
6) Some changes (did not dig deep enough) around login stuff (pam, etc)
7) changes to inittab

there should be many others...

On 16.03.2013 13:05, Felix Feng wrote:
Hi George, Mike,

Now I can build xapi successfully by following your instructions. I also can build xen and dom0 kernel from the *.src.rpm in the xcp source iso. I installed these rpm packages and reboot to the dom0. Then I hit another problem. That is -

# xl list
libxl: error: libxl.c:56:libxl_ctx_init Is xenstore daemon running?
failed to stat /var/run/xenstored.pid: No such file or directory
cannot init xl context

# xe vm-list
Error: Connection refused (calling connect )

I checked the files in xen-tools.xxx.rpm, and it seems some files is missing, for example, /etc/init.d/xencommons, /etc/init.d/xend and /etc/init.d/xendomains. I was wondering if it is a known issue? Or, any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.


On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 11:04 AM, George Shuklin <george.shuklin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

06.03.2013 22:25, Mike McClurg ÐÐÑÐÑ:

I have done so, except for the _javascript_ changes. Please check out my
repo on github (I'm just in the process of checking that I can
download all the necessary rpms from xen.org, but it's taking a while
and I don't feel like waiting for it to finish before sending this

Also, please feel free to send me a pull request with any changes
you'd like to add (in fact, I really encourage this!).


Thank you!

I found two issues now:
1) Something strange with EPEL installation with rpm + direct http link
2) Incorrect handling of errors in the middle of download process.

I'll fix them and will send pull request (but
kernel-xen- is needed on
download.xen.org and in prep.sh file...)

Thanks. I've uploaded that file. Pull from my repo before you update prep.sh. If you could work something out for the downloading jquery and exporting the right environment variables, that would be great too. Thanks a lot.

Ok, no final stage: build.sh. (https://github.com/mcclurmc/xcp-sdk/pull/3)

It set up proper variables for make file, patch installed SRPM (I choose from 'patch xen-api/xapi.spec' and 'patch /usr/src/redhat/SPEC/xapi.spec' - second seems be less invasive), and exec rpmbuild.

and some changes to prep.sh. I found why it does not install gcc with 'developer tools'. Default centos shipped with make utility, so checking failed. I add manual installation of gcc and rpm-build, and _javascript_ download.

Now all build process is extremely simple:

wget ..../prep.sh
wget ..../build.sh
chmod +x prep.sh build.sh

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