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January 30, 23
15:00 [mini-os master] Mini-OS: move xenbus test code into test.c patchbot
15:00 [mini-os master] Mini-OS: remove stale subdirs from Makefile patchbot
January 20, 23
08:35 [xen master] xen/arm: Add 0x prefix when printing memory size in construct_domU patchbot
08:34 [xen master] xen/arm: linker: The identitymap check should cover the whole .text.header patchbot
08:34 [xen master] xen/arm: linker: Indent correctly _stext patchbot
08:34 [xen master] x86/vmx: Support for CPUs without model-specific LBR patchbot
08:34 [xen master] x86/vmx: Calculate model-specific LBRs once at start of day patchbot
08:34 [xen master] xen/version: Drop compat/kernel.c patchbot
08:34 [xen master] public/version: Change xen_feature_info to have a fixed size patchbot
08:33 [xen master] include/compat: produce stubs for headers not otherwise generated patchbot
08:33 [xen master] x86/shadow: call sh_detach_old_tables() directly patchbot
08:33 [xen master] x86/shadow: reduce effort of hash calculation patchbot
08:33 [xen master] x86/shadow: drop a few uses of mfn_valid() patchbot
08:33 [xen master] x86/iommu: introduce AMD-Vi and Intel VT-d Kconfig options patchbot
08:33 [xen master] xen/riscv: introduce stack stuff patchbot
04:33 [qemu-xen master] configure: Expand test which disable -Wmissing-braces patchbot
January 12, 23
09:33 [xen master] xen: Remove the arch specific header init.h patchbot
01:44 [xen master] tools: Fix build with recent QEMU, use "--enable-trace-backends" patchbot
January 11, 23
08:11 [xen master] x86/S3: Restore Xen's MSR_PAT value on S3 resume patchbot
08:11 [xen master] xen: Drop $ARCH/trace.h patchbot
January 10, 23
09:33 [xen master] automation: add qemu-system-riscv to riscv64.dockerfile patchbot
09:33 [xen master] automation: temporarily disable CONFIG_COVERAGE for RISC-V randconfig jobs patchbot
09:33 [xen master] MAINTAINERS: Clarify check-in requirements for mixed-author patches patchbot
January 09, 23
23:44 [xen master] xen/include: include <asm/types.h> in <xen/early_printk.h> patchbot
23:44 [xen master] x86/shadow: sh_remove_all_mappings() is HVM-only patchbot
23:44 [xen master] x86/shadow: correct shadow type bounds checks patchbot
23:44 [xen master] x86/shadow: simplify conditionals in sh_{get,put}_ref() patchbot
23:44 [xen master] x86/shadow: move bogus HVM checks in sh_pagetable_dying() patchbot
23:44 [xen master] x86/shadow: convert sh_audit_flags()'es 1st parameter to domain patchbot
January 06, 23
17:44 [xen master] automation: Add RISC-V 64 cross-build tests for Xen patchbot
17:44 [xen master] xen/riscv: Initial RISC-V support to build/run minimal Xen patchbot
08:33 [xen master] hvmloader: use memory type constants patchbot
08:33 [xen master] x86/mm: avoid hard-coding PAT in get_page_from_l1e() patchbot
January 05, 23
08:44 [xen master] CI: Simplify the MUSL check patchbot
08:44 [xen master] CI: Fix build script when CROSS_COMPILE is in use patchbot
08:44 [xen master] CI: Express HYPERVISOR_ONLY in build.yml patchbot
08:44 [xen master] CI: Only calculate ./configure args if needed patchbot
08:44 [xen master] CI: Remove guesswork about which artefacts to preserve patchbot
08:44 [xen master] CI: Drop automation/configs/ patchbot

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