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Re: [Xen-devel] xen bug hunting

> in ide-cd.h:
>     '__u8 short' -> '__u8'

I'll take a look and check in a fix.
> some of the problems i remember encountering:
>   in dom0: creating a new domain, destroying it, and creating a new domain
>   reboots my machine. same happens if dom1 is unable to boot, and the
>   domains gets destroyed this way.

Rather worrying. I'm pretty sure this hasn't been happening for me (at
least until quite recently). I'll give it a go myself and see what
happens --- if I can't reproduce it then I'll need to know more about
your setup (eg. kernel configurations and command lines).

Also what's the most recent Changeset in your build tree (bk sccslog).

> things that don't work:
>   mouse (logitech ps/2 optical wheelmouse) neither in X nor gpm

I've definitely had one of those mice working when plugged into the
PS/2 port (*not* the USB port!).
> questions:
>   how do i assign a partition as root partition to the new domain?
>   i suspect vbds are what i want. are they documented anywhere?

See some recent threads on xen-devel. I've just checked in some fixes
to vbd support to teh xeno-unstable.bk repository.

>   any discussions about a 2.6 port yet?
>   are you aiming for inclusion in 2.7?

I'll look at 2.6 when it's more stable. I think that's a few months
away at least. Inclusion in a later Linux development cycle would be
great if we build up a good-sized user community; we'll have to see
how it goes.

> please write a short note if you're working on fixing bugs i've
> mentioned, so i don't waste my time debugging things you certainly know
> more about.

No, these bugs are all news to me :-( :-(

 -- Keir

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