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[Xen-devel] xen bug hunting


i've successfully compiled xen-unstable for a dedicated box, and am
writing this from a harddrive based dom0.

right now this is a single processor duron 700 wuth 768mb ram, and a 160gig
ide drive.

my intended use is a non-mission-critical production use,
if the machine crashes and all data is lost, well so be it.

i aim to run 5 xenolinux installations running a customized debian variant,
each dedicated to different services. basically i've invited some
friends to toy with their own virtual server and do whatever they want.

i've just started setting up this testbed, and encountered
some problems. i have found procedures to reproduce them, but i haven't
tried tracing them to the source level. hopefully you are able to
reproduce them by my descriptions.

one compiletime fix was neccessary on my machine/installation:
in ide-cd.h:
    '__u8 short' -> '__u8'

some of the problems i remember encountering:
  in dom0: creating a new domain, destroying it, and creating a new domain
  reboots my machine. same happens if dom1 is unable to boot, and the
  domains gets destroyed this way.

  the default .config works fine, but as soon as i enable
  CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL and CONFIG_FS_DEVFS(sp?), dom0 isn't able to boot
  anymore (immediate reboot). i'll try examining this one in a ring 1 domain,
  as soon as i have my first virtual harddrive install boot.

various things that work:
  booting dom0, network.
  starting dom1, same image (kernel loads, haven't configured partitions
  X in dom0 (nvidia geforce2 with nv driver)
  3c59x nic driver

things that don't work:
  mouse (logitech ps/2 optical wheelmouse) neither in X nor gpm

  how do i assign a partition as root partition to the new domain?
  i suspect vbds are what i want. are they documented anywhere?
  any discussions about a 2.6 port yet?
  are you aiming for inclusion in 2.7?
  i know that the multiboot approach is more flexible, but would it be
  possible to implement xen's functionality into a linux kernel? could
  this possibly increase dom0*'s performance and range of available

please write a short note if you're working on fixing bugs i've
mentioned, so i don't waste my time debugging things you certainly know
more about.

also, thanks for xen!


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