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Re: [Xen-devel] xen bug hunting

>   in dom0: creating a new domain, destroying it, and creating a new domain
>   reboots my machine. same happens if dom1 is unable to boot, and the
>   domains gets destroyed this way.

This is now fixed in the xeno-unstable.bk repository. A stupid bug :-)

>   the default .config works fine, but as soon as i enable
>   CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL and CONFIG_FS_DEVFS(sp?), dom0 isn't able to boot
>   anymore (immediate reboot). i'll try examining this one in a ring 1 domain,
>   as soon as i have my first virtual harddrive install boot.

It would be useful to get some more information about this. I don't
know much about devfs (I've always been happer without it) -- quite
possibly there's some bit of required functionality which our virtual
device drivers in xenolinux don't provide.
> things that don't work:
>   mouse (logitech ps/2 optical wheelmouse) neither in X nor gpm

...and I'm very interested to find out more about this problem. It
really ought to work.


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