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Re: [Xen-devel] iptables nat redirect

Ian Pratt wrote:

If the packets are getting through to the domain, its hard to
imagine how we could be stuffing it up.

The exact same config (including the IP addresses) works in
domain0, right?

What happens if you redirect to localhost rather than the
domain's external IP?

Do the counters go up indicating that the redirect rule is being

I guess we'll have to investigate how the redirect actually
works, but I'd be surprised if it was arch or driver specific.


Initial tests show that the filter rule counters are being incremented just as the are on domain 0, but to be sure I will do more testing this evening and report back.

On another note, I just submitted an alternative to the xen_read_console program. It does the same thing, but also has the option of running as a daemon and sending domain console output to syslog.

* Disclaimer: I'm not a C wiz, so go easy on my coding :)


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