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[Xen-devel] Re: segfault bug in xeno-unstable...

> After a lot of tests with bk pull and bk undo, I was able to find out,
> that this bug was introduced with Changeset 1.478. Changesets
> up to 1.477 are working OK, without the segfaults, but starting
> with CSet 1.478 you get the segfault.
> I wasn't able and didn't try to find the cause for that, because a
> lot of sophisticated stuff got checked in with CSet 1.478.
> Perhaps somebody from the Xen Project team can check it 
> out - and also if they get segfaults too when using the above 
> commands on newer xeno-unstable versions ;-)

Cheers for working out which changeset causes the problem. I'll try to
reproduce the bug today and get it fixed. It's almost certainly some
fairly stupid context-switching bug.

> After adding 2 EXPORT_SYMBOL lines for these symbols in
> ../arch/xeno/kernel/i386_ksyms.c and
> recompiling the kernel, everything loaded and worked OK. 
> I hope it was not against xen design principles to add the
> 2 EXPORT_SYMBOL lines ;-)

No. I'll check those two lines into the repository. Thanks!

 -- Keir

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