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Re: [Xen-devel] Network interface problem

> Yes, you are right. :) This is the output for 2.4.21-SuSE kernel. But 
> previously, on the same server I was running vanilla 2.4.24 (+ grsec) and I 
> am 100% sure both cards were operational because they were heavily used. 
> Because I made a clean install for the purpose of trying Xen, I have never 
> bothered to compile own kernel because it is not needed. 
> If you need the actual output I can compile the kernel and provide it. But if 
> you only need the proof that both cards are working can you trust my word for 
> it?

In fact I will need the _full_ boot-time output both from Xen and from
normal vanilla Linux 2.4.24 (not a vendor kernel!). 

Even if this weren't the case, I've quickly learned never to trust a
bug report until I've personally eyeballed it. ;-)

 -- Keir

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