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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 1.2 CD? & domain 0 op codes

> Hi Xen folks,
>      Is Xen 1.2 CD delayed somehow?

We've delayed it until we have confirmation that the bug A. Tvrtko
observed is fixed. We believe it only effects a specific libc/libpthread
version used by SuSE, but we want to check that it is fixed.

Actually, the main reason it hasn't been officially released is
that we haven't had time to update the web pages, mess around
uploading to sourceforge etc...
>      If I am to add new domain 0 operations I will have to add op codes in 
> dom0_ops.h and corresponding handlers in dom0_ops.c. If I just add the number 
> naturally I am afraid later they will conflict with what others are doing and 
> become confused. Is there any policy doing this? I can see some logical 
> classifications for domain 0 operations. Any plan to organize them better 
> later? Comments?

I'm afraid the current ordering is fairly ad-hoc, with numbers
allocated as needed (though this tends to mean that related ones
are in groups). 

I think the need for backward compatibility trumps any advantage
in having a more logical grouping. 

Just pick a number, any number ;-) When/if you submit your
changes to the main-line Xen tree we can then change the number
if required, and then fix it stone for all time.


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