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[Xen-devel] xc_domain_create problem

I pulled the latest xeno-1.2.bk this morning and am getting
a glitch in xc.domain_create

The domain ID it returns is a large bogus 64 bit number
This prints  'created 4613842385142171136 (4007a934400a4600)'
        id = xc.domain_create( mem_kb=mem_size*1024, name=domain_name )
        output ('created %d (%x) ' % (id, id))

A sane domain id appears from 'xc_dom_control.py list', but the domain
scripts fail because they use the bogus id returned from xc.domain_create

If I know the next ID that will get created (eg. 13), I can successfully
start up a new ID with something like this in xc_dom_create.py:

        id = xc.domain_create( mem_kb=mem_size*1024, name=domain_name )
        id = 13

The sources actually look OK.  xc_domain_create says
        u64 *pdomid
        *pdomid = (u64)op.u.createdomain.domain;
and pyxc_domain_create says
        u64 dom;
        xc_domain_create(xc->xc_handle, mem_kb, name, &dom)
        return PyLong_FromUnsignedLongLong(dom);
so I would expect xc.domain_create to return the right number.

This is all with xen, xenolinux and the utils built from the current 1.2
tree with gcc version 3.3.2 (Debian) and Python 2.3.2

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