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Re: [Xen-devel] Kernel panic while compiling kernel

Tvrtko A. Uršulin wrote:

On Wednesday 18 February 2004 02:49, Zachary Amsden wrote:
Just an observation - I've noticed that several of the include files
include linux/config.h and some include xeno/config.h - also for some

Hmmm... which ones? I have just grepped the whole tree and didn't find any...

xen/include/asm-i386/apic.h for one... and there are more dangerous looking things:

xen/include/asm-i386/dma.h includes both "linux/config.h" and "linux/spinklock.h". This is very likely to be built into the drivers, and likely to cause major havoc if you change the cacheline size.

other included files this is the case.  Also,  -nostdinc only seems to
be applied to the arch/i386 branch - which means the drivers may be
getting a different set of include paths.  Perhaps some of your config

...also true for this one. Where did you notice this no -nostdinc situation?
Only arch/i386/Rules.mk specifies -nostdinc. This is really dangerous if you are not building on a 2.4.24 or very close kernel, and makes cross-compiling out of the question.

I should have a patch for a slightly cleaner build today that you could try out. It's likely to be largish, since I may need to pull in some additional headers from 2.4.24.

Zachary Amsden

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