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[Xen-devel] getting debug output from Xen during domain creation

I've removed the DNDEBUG from xen/arch/i386/Rules.mk. However, during
a failed mmu_update I'm not seeing anything in /var/log/messages or any
output from xen_read_console.

Currently this is the only information that I have:

[root@fsmware01 examples]# ./xc_dom_create.py -f freebsd -D vmid=1 -D
Parsing config file 'freebsd'
VM image           : "/home/kmacy/kernel.gz"
VM ramdisk         : ""
VM memory (MB)     : "64"
VM IP address(es)  : ";"
VM block device(s) : ""
VM cmdline         :
"ip= bootdev=xennet0"
updates: 0x403e7008, nr_updates: 1305
ERROR: sending page updates failed (22 = Invalid argument)
ERROR: Error constructing guest OS
Error building Linux guest OS:
Return code = -1

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