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[Xen-devel] Creating multiple domains using NFS mounts

I'm trying to create multiple domains in Xen1.2 using NFS mounts from dom0 for 
the / and 
/usr. The way I have it set up right now is that I have separate root
dirs created for 2 domains (named /nfs/export-root-dom1 and
/nfs/export-root-dom2), which are being exported read-write (these 2
dirs are identical), and a single usr dir (/nfs/export-usr) 
that is being exported read-only to be mounted by both new domains.

I'm using nfs mount option for the root and 
a linuxrc to mount the /usr partition in the new domain as
explained in the XenDemoCD howto. This whole setup works fine for the
first domain (dom1), but fails when I try to start the second domain.
Here;s the error message:

[root@obelix51 xc]# xc_dom_create.py -f dom2_nfsroot_nfsusr.config -Dvmid=2
Parsing config file 'dom2_nfsroot_nfsusr.config'
VM image           : "/boot/xenolinux.gz"
VM ramdisk         : ""
VM memory (MB)     : "64"
VM IP address(es)  : ";"
VM block device(s) : ""
VM cmdline         : 
root=/dev/nfs ro nfsroot=/nfs/export-root-dom2 init=/linuxrc 4 VMID=2"
Error creating domain

Here's the relevant portion of my config file for booting domain1 
(the one for dom2 is
identical, except for /nfs/export-root-dom2):

#STEP 6. Build the command line for the new domain. Edit as req'd.
# You only need the ip= line if you're NFS booting or the root file system
# doesn't set it later e.g. in ifcfg-eth0 or via DHCP
# You can use 'extrabit' to set the runlevel and custom environment
# variables used by custom rc scripts (e.g. VMID=, usr= )

netmask = ''
gateway = ''
nfsserv = ''
cmdline_ip = "ip="+vfr_ipaddr[1]+":"+nfsserv+":"+gateway+":"+netmask+"::eth0:on"
cmdline_root = "root=/dev/nfs ro nfsroot=/nfs/export-root-dom1"
cmdline_extra = "init=/linuxrc 4 VMID=%d" % vmid

Any ideas/suggestions?


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