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Re: [Xen-devel] Creating multiple domains using NFS mounts

> I'm using nfs mount option for the root and 
> a linuxrc to mount the /usr partition in the new domain as
> explained in the XenDemoCD howto. This whole setup works fine for the
> first domain (dom1), but fails when I try to start the second domain.
> Here;s the error message:
> [root@obelix51 xc]# xc_dom_create.py -f dom2_nfsroot_nfsusr.config -Dvmid=2
> Parsing config file 'dom2_nfsroot_nfsusr.config'
> VM image           : "/boot/xenolinux.gz"
> VM ramdisk         : ""
> VM memory (MB)     : "64"
> VM IP address(es)  : ";"
> VM block device(s) : ""
> VM cmdline         : 
> "ip=
> root=/dev/nfs ro nfsroot=/nfs/export-root-dom2 init=/linuxrc 4 VMID=2"
> Error creating domain

I suspect this isn't a problem with the config of VM 2. Just
to check this, please can you start VM 2 first (using the
exact same command line above), before starting VM 1. BTW: If
the two VMs are similar, you might want to have a single shared
config file and use vmid to setup the appropriate IP addresses

Unfortunately, xen 1.2 doesn't give very useful error messages if
something goes wrong in domain creation. The 1.3 (unstable) tree
is rather better in this respect. One obvious question is how
much memory has the machine got? Dom0 will be consuming memory,
as will Xen itself. What does xc_physinfo.py show?


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