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Re: [Xen-devel] Network questions

> I guess the code I was reading was a "middle" version between the ealy
> unstable and latest unstable.
> I got such a version by using "bk pull" based on the early unstable version,
> so that the code included both VIRQ_NET and "backend".
> For the latest unstable version, I am still not clear on how the "backend"
> controls the physical network device.
> For example, if I use a 3Com 3c59x.c driver, when packets come,  after
> 'vortex_rx()' is called, '/net/core/dev.c: netif_rx()' will be called.
> Along this way up, it seems that no functions in "backend" will be called.

There is no net/core/dev.c in current Xen. I think your src repo
is in a broken state. Reclone the repository.

The backend netif driver appears in domain 0 Linux as just
another network interface (vifX.Y). Packets tx'ed by the frontend
appear as received packets here and vice versa.

As to how packets get to the physical network, that's down to how
domain 0 is configured. You can either create an L2 bridge, or
enable forwarding and configure IP routing appropriately. In both
cases you can use iptables to provide firewalling functionality.

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