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Re: [Xen-devel] can't mount root... devfs???

> Domain1 is now not booting anymore, and the boot console tells me it's 
> because it can't mount /dev/sda7.
> My config files says sda7 maps to /dev/sda7 eg:
> disk = [ 'phy:sda7,sda7,w' ]
> root = "/dev/sda7 ro"
> My only thought is that maybe devfs is confusing the
> issue... eg there are no scsi devices so sda7 doesn't appear in
> /dev.

I think you are the first person to try using devfs, so it might
take a bit of debugging, but should be possible to make work.

Are you using devfs in both dom0 and guest domains?

If dom0 hasn't got a /dev/sda7 I'm surprised the tools are
letting you proceed as they need to lookup /dev/sda7 to discover
the major,minor (8,7). I believe devfs creates links for the old
/dev/sdXX names though, right?

Within the new guest, it will have had a block device plumbed through
to it appearing as major,minor = 8,7.

When it parses it's root= command line, it will lookup the name
'sda' in the grim table appearing in init/do_mounts.c, and
associate that with 8,7 hence everything should work from a
kernel POV. When the startup scripts go through your fstab and
remount root that's a different matter, and it's possible that
the 8,7 device hasn't been properly registered with devfs.
Does it the guest get this far?


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