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Re: [Xen-devel] network_alloc_rx_buffers panic

> " debugging in the Xen buil dthen you may get soem useful diagnostic
> " info.
> I dunno if its useful, but after xenU panics the output in xm dmesg now
> has this line repeated for the length of the dmesg buffer:
> 0 (XEN) (file=traps.c, line=399) Page fault: fc52e2a4 -> fc52e2a6

We'll probably actually know more if you disassemble the 2nd

This is 2.4 right?  I've noticed that 2.4 causes occasional page
fault / GPF printfs to come out of Xen. I remember thinking that
it was slightly odd, but nothing seemed to be broken. Probably
worth getting to the bottom of, but it may well turn out to be
harmless and unrelated to your panic. 

It would be useful to print out a bit more information in the
panic message. e.g. how many pfns were returned OK.

I'm very surprised you're not getting a message from
xen/common/dom_mem_ops.c to say why the page is being refused. My
guess would be that Xen thinks that the domain still has a
reference to it.

Can you get a serial line on one of these machines just so that
we can be totally sure you're getting all the Xen debug
output. (I presume 'xm dmesg' gives you the most recent messages,
but I don't use it myself and hence don;t totally trust it)


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