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Re: [Xen-devel] network_alloc_rx_buffers panic

> This is 2.4 right?  I've noticed that 2.4 causes occasional page
> fault / GPF printfs to come out of Xen. I remember thinking that
> it was slightly odd, but nothing seemed to be broken. Probably
> worth getting to the bottom of, but it may well turn out to be
> harmless and unrelated to your panic. 

The GPF / page fault messages I get from 2.4 actually all turn
out to be harmless.

The page fault messages come from a get_user in
map_ldt_shadow_page, and the GPF messages come when pop'ing an
old gs value during a multicall. They're very occasional and
aren't anything to worry about -- just the sign of a slow path
being invoked due to something slightly unusual happening.


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