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Re: [Xen-devel] AOE (Ata over ethernet) Solved!

Avi Kivity wrote:
perhaps the vblade server binds to eth0 instead of xen-br0.

You nailed it!  To export from dom0 (to real network -- not tested with
domU hosts) you have to tell vblade to bind to xen-br0 (on xen2 -- not
tested with xen3) not eth0.  I never would have thought to do this as
dom0 should be as close to "real" linux as possible.

So in summary for aoe on xen:

1. Compile aoe in kernel (Device Drivers/Block devices/ATA over
Ethernet) to be able to see aoe devices (remember you can't see vblade
exports on the host exporting them).  Module did not work for me, but
your milage may vary ;) .

2. If you want to use vblade (http://aoetools.sf.net) to export a
disk/lvm/loopback device, you have to use xen-br0 (for xen2 -- adjust
for xen3) NOT eth0.

Thanks for the help on the list.

PS - I'm getting in the 3U SATA raid from coraid in a week or 2, and
assuming I can get xen3 on my single proccessor Sun V20z (Opteron), I
will post performance numbers from dom0 and domU.  As the sata boxes do
raid on board, it should be a great option for large and/or redundant
shared drives for xen migration.
Jeb Campbell

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