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Re: [Xen-devel] AOE (Ata over ethernet) Solved!

> You nailed it!  To export from dom0 (to real network -- not tested with
> domU hosts) you have to tell vblade to bind to xen-br0 (on xen2 -- not
> tested with xen3) not eth0.  I never would have thought to do this as
> dom0 should be as close to "real" linux as possible.

The bridging code is the standard Linux bridge: I'd expect this to happen on 
native Linux too, when using bridging.


> So in summary for aoe on xen:
> 1. Compile aoe in kernel (Device Drivers/Block devices/ATA over
> Ethernet) to be able to see aoe devices (remember you can't see vblade
> exports on the host exporting them).  Module did not work for me, but
> your milage may vary ;) .
> 2. If you want to use vblade (http://aoetools.sf.net) to export a
> disk/lvm/loopback device, you have to use xen-br0 (for xen2 -- adjust
> for xen3) NOT eth0.
> Thanks for the help on the list.
> PS - I'm getting in the 3U SATA raid from coraid in a week or 2, and
> assuming I can get xen3 on my single proccessor Sun V20z (Opteron), I
> will post performance numbers from dom0 and domU.  As the sata boxes do
> raid on board, it should be a great option for large and/or redundant
> shared drives for xen migration.

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