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Re: [Xen-devel] Get notified on unbind_evtchn?

On 5 Oct 2005, at 17:25, NAHieu wrote:

When domU and dom0 bind to evtchn, if one unbind the channel (for
example with unbind_evtchn_from_irqhandler() ), does the other side
get aware of the event?

I imagine in that case, the other side will somehow get notified, is
that correct? If so, how can we intercept that notify?

There is no such notification. The expectation is that setup and teardown actions are synchronised/communicated 'out of band' (usually via xenstore).

Anyway, a notification alone would not be much use -- how will the receiver know that this particular notification means the remote end has gone away? Adding extra teardown bits and pieces to the event-channel interface seems unnecessary when we provide xenstore for these control-plane setup/teardown activities.

 -- Keir

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