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[Xen-devel] x86-64 Net Performance [was: Opteron server and NUMA]

> Can you try running that test on the same machine running a 32bit
> version of Xen. It's possible something weird is happening just on 64
> bit.

file.zip is approximately 100MB.  Ran `ab -n 300 -c 1 localhost/file.zip`.  
Disk I/O should not be a factor; I had Apache slurp the file into RAM before 
each test.  Table shows time in seconds and the percent penalty for Xen.

                Native  Domain0 Penalty
64-bit TLS      50.2    65.0    29.5%
32-bit TLS      59.6    64.8     8.7%
32-bit no TLS   59.6    62.6     5.0%

On 32-bit, disabling TLS is as easy as moving /lib/tls.  For 64-bit, it's 
compiled into Debian's glibc package.  I can recompile and run that test if 
you think it's worth doing.


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