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Re: [Xen-devel] x86-64 Net Performance

Update: I went ahead and compiled glibc without TLS / NPTL.  Also, I realized 
that I wasn't allocating all my physical memory to Domain0 for these tests, 
so I was giving Xen a disadvantage.  It didn't change much, but those tests 
have been re-done.

Here's the odd thing: disabling TLS for 64-bit improved native performance by 
around 10%, but had no effect on Xen.

                Native  Domain0 Penalty
64-bit TLS      50.2    65.0    29.5%
64-bit no TLS   44.8    65.0    45.1%
32-bit TLS      59.6    59.5    -0.2%
32-bit no TLS   59.6    60.2     1.0%


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