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Re: [Xen-devel] Powernow-k8 support

Keir Fraser schrieb:
> On 13 Jun 2006, at 13:20, Christian Roessner wrote:
>> I searched around inside the NVidia forum and I found 2 patches, which I
>> applied to the hypervisor and to nv.c. Now, CPUfreq is working fine here
>> and I successfully use the nvidia driver. I have attached both patches.
>> Maybe someone else may have the same problem, so in this thread he/she
>> may find all neccessary info, whatever.
> I'm surprised the nvidia driver works at all without this patch.

Without which patch?? The nvidia driver is patched.

>> I have noticed one other interesting thing with Xen: openVPN is nomore
>> able to initialize any tunnels. Does this have something to do with the
>> __update_vcpu_system_time function?
> No. That's just weird. I wouldn't expect this to have any effect on
> openVPN.

Well, the tunnel(s) hangs with problems in TLS negotiation. I do
absolutley not know, if this is timeing critical stuff.

I attahced my time.c. Could you have a look at line 1058 and give me a
hint what to change to get this fixed? Would be really nice.



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