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RE: [Xen-devel] credit scheduler issues in 64bit hypervisor

>>> OK, that's reasonable :-), I'll send out the patch.
>> This patch is to move vmcs and IO bitmap allocation into
>> vmx_initialize_guest_resources.
>> And some necessary code rearrangement.
>This patch messes with more stuff than it needs to.

OK, I splitted it. This patch only moves vmcs and IO bitmap allocation
into vmx_initialize_guest_resources.

> In particular, 
>every place we VMCLEAR/VMPTRLD we expect the operation to succeed -- 
>crashing on error is the most sensible thing to do. I don't see that 
>returning error to the caller is helpful, and in fact you have callers 
>who don't even check the error return. It keeps the interface to those 
>functions simpler to have them return void and for them to bug out 
>internally if they fail (as they currently do).

I really don't like crashing on such errors, but yes, this small changes
to VMCLEAR/VMPTRLD make no sense at this point.
For long term, we need follow IA32 SPEC to handle all the faliure VMX
instruction cases, basically we should crash the domain not the system,
and give some basic description.
I will send separate patches later, maybe after 3.0.3,

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