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[Xen-devel] [0/11] [NET]: Add TSO support for dom0=>domU

Hi Keir:

This series of patches adds SG and TSO support for the dom0=>domU
direction.  This completes the domU=>domU loop which means that we
have TSO all the way through.

It's a bit late here so I haven't done a full set of benchmarks.
However, these two figures should be indicative for domU=>domU:

TSO off:    323.91Mb/s
TSO on:    1678.52Mb/s
lo(16436): 5533.93Mb/s

Of course you'll need to turn the 2 #if's back on for domU=>dom0 to
do this.  I've also found out the reason I was getting smaller MSSes
before.  The default write buffer size is too small for these speeds
in Linux.  So you need to raise it by something like:

echo 526808 > /proc/sys/net/core/wmem_max
netperf -t TCP_STREAM -H x.x.x.x -- -s 263404

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