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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] [2/4] put xen console message into syslog but?xm dmesg is not affected

On 11 Jul 2006, at 13:30, Horms wrote:

Let's not add extra code styles to the tree: either format your code in
Xen style (4-space soft tabs; braces on their own lines) or in Linux
style (hard tabs; K&R style).

Two is already one too many IMHO :-)

As long as each discrete 'tool' or library is self-consistent in which it picks I don't really see a problem. In fact I wouldn't be too bothered about having more than two styles to choose from -- but two-space soft tabs are not an option as far as I'm concerned, which is the main reason I commented. There are more important issues than petty battles over coding standards.

 -- Keir

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