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[Xen-users] Xen User BOF at Ottawa Linux Symposium


Next Thursday evening (20 July) we'll be holding a "Xen Users BOF" at the 
Ottawa Linux Symposium.

>From the BOF description: "The Xen Users' BOF will provide an interactive 
>forum for users to talk about their experiences with Xen and highlight some of 
>the cool configurations they have created with it. This will also be an 
>opportunity for newcomers to ask questions about xen setup and configuration, 
>and hear about best practice. We will also review the Xen roadmap, and have an 
>open forum to discuss what features the community would like to see."

What I'd like to do is to ask for your help in organizing this BOF. If you have 
interesting configurations, use cases, or best practice around Xen you'd like 
to pass on, please drop me an email. [It would also be good if you could add 
something to the wiki too!] 

If you're going to be at OLS and could talk about your Xen setup in person, 
even better. If you're not going, please send a description and we can get 
someone else to present.

It would be great if we could have a few demos at the BOF. Perhaps someone 
could volunteer to demo a guest kernel debugging session using gdbserver? How 
about demoing Xen on a MacBookPro? Or doing live relocation between a pair of 
laptops? Or use of PCI pass-through to create "an internet café in a box"? Use 
your imagination :-)

Please volunteer and help "spread the word" at the Xen BOF!


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