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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/2] Virtual frame buffer: frontend

"Christian Limpach" <christian.limpach@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On 7/10/06, Markus Armbruster <armbru@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> "Christian Limpach" <christian.limpach@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> > I'm looking forward to seeing a new version of this patch, thanks!
>> Here you go :)
> Thanks and sorry for being a bit late getting back to you -- didn't
> get around to it before leaving for OLS.

No problem, as I figured you'd just be a bit delayed by OLS.

> I've tried the patches now and I seem to not get very far with them applied 
> :-(
> - once I build a kernel with CONFIG_FB and CONFIG_XEN_FRAMEBUFFER
> enabled, I don't seem to get any output on the xen text console
> anymore.  I've tried quite a few combinations of xencons and console
> on the command line but didn't find one that worked.

Same here.  The framebuffer takes over the console.  There might be a
way to avoid that, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

> - running vncfb and connecting a viewer works and I get the console
> output, but the kernel seems to get stuck as soon as it does any kind
> of busy waiting -- I obeserved this while the 5 second tls banner was
> printed (it never got to 4, eventualy softlockup kicks in) and after I
> moved /lib/tls out of the way, it got stuck in a similar way when
> setting the hardware clock (doesn't make sense in domU, but should get
> the machine stuck either -- works without the framebuffer changes
> applied).  This is all running debian in the domU.

I never saw such lockups.  And I'm sure I got the annoying TLS banner.
Which by the way isn't about /lib/tls, it's about how stuff was
compiled.  The offending instructions can be anywhere, and actually
*are* in a few other places.

I'll see what I can do about the text console.

> Do you have any recommendations how to get to a working setup and can
> you look into these issues?

If I can reproduce the lockup, I can probably fix it.  I'll update my
hypervisor and kernels, and if it still works, I'll install a Debian
domU.  Did you use stable, testing or unstable?

> I'm also attaching two patches:
> - vfb-xenbus-transaction.diff: change xenbus_transaction_t to its
> non-typedef'ed form since the typedef'ed form doesn't exist anymore.
> - vncfb-makefile-changes.diff: change the vncfb Makefile such that it
> works like other tools Makefiles.


> We'll also need integration with xend before this is really useful, at
> least a way to start vncfb (should be similar to how we start qemu for
> hvm guests) and support for starting a vncviewer from vncfb would be
> nice (see tools/ioemu/patches/vnc-start-vncviewer).

Yes.  One step at a time :)

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