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Re: [Xen-devel] Documentation For Writing a Split Driver

> I've spent the last few weeks digging around in Xen code and old
> documentation to produce my own simple split driver for 3.0.4-2 to
> handle some logging stuff that I'm doing.  In the process, I quickly
> discovered that the Wiki documentation for adding a new driver to Xen is
> a little lacking.  Is there any interest in me documenting any/all of
> the following and contributing it?


> -Creating a backend/frontend skeleton driver and adding it to the kernel.

Yep.  I remember there being a skeleton example driver floating around on the 
list at some point, but APIs may have changed since then I guess.

> -Modifying xend and xm to initialize the XenStore for it.  (and hence
> get the probe functions to be called)

Yep.  This is actually not that complicated, but it'd be nice to have it 

> -Setting up event channels
> -Setting up a ring buffer
> -Sharing memory pages between domains (basically the grant tables)

All good stuff.

You might also like to take a look at the stuff covered in the interface 
manual (it's in the source tree) and see if there's any overlap with what 
you're writing - it would be nice to avoid duplicating information in 
multiple places, so that it won't get out of sync later.


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