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[Xen-devel] pciback_field_is_dup needs a fix

Shouldn't pciback_field_is_dup(dev, field->offset) be scoped to include the base_offset as well?

Currently with xen-3.0.4 the issue is this:

Adding of PCI_PM_CTRL (at offset 4) to the 'config_fields list' gets skipped because it ends up being a duplicate of PCI_COMMAND (at offset 4 as well). As a result when a PCI device behind a PCI frontend does a power up using pci_enable_device() the following message gets flashed on the console.

pciback 0000:0b:00.3: Driver tried to write to a read-only configuration space field at offset 0x84, size 2. This may be harmless, but if you have problems with your device:
1) see permissive attribute in sysfs
2) report problems to the xen-devel mailing list along with details of your device obtained from lspci.

Jambunathan K.

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