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Re: [Xen-devel] Data broken during FTP test

Hi Ian,

Thank you for reply.

Is this is a 32b install of RHEL5 GA, or x86_64? I presume 32b.
As for this environment, 32bit version of RHEL5GA is installed.
Can you reproduce if you uninstall the RHEL5 xen/kernel and xen tools
and libs RPMs and then install binaries built from xen-unstable?
We will reproduce it with xen-unstable.hg.
Rather than disabling SG, what happens if you disable TSO?
When TSO is disabling, FTP data was broken. (enabling SG)
When SG is disabling, TSO automatically is disabling, too.
   TSO          SG         Reproducibility
 Enable       Enable       Broken
 Enable       Disable      (Impossibility)
 Disable      Enable       Broken
 Disable      Disable      Not broken

What about checksum offload (TX and RX)?
TX and RX are enabling. When TX and RX are disabling, reproducibility didn't change.
What happens with mem=4G?
We will reproduce it.
Best Regards,

Takanori Kasai

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