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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM Save/Restore status.

On 25/4/07 18:07, "Petersson, Mats" <Mats.Petersson@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> First save: p2m_size = 0xfffff (succeeds)
> Second sace: p2m_size = 0x1fff (fails)
> I'm a little bit surprized about the first number, as it's about 4GB(?)
> (my domain is officially only 32MB, and uses a whole lot less actual
> memory), but I guess the second number should be 0x2000 if it's the
> actual size rather than the highest number of pfn available in the
> guest. Does that make sense to you?

This seems to confirm my suspicion. Can you try doing +1 on the p2m_size
now? It should fix your problem. If so I'll do a full fix tomorrow.


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