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RE: [Xen-devel] RE: GPL Win PV driver issues

> I've been thinking about this. Isn't it possible to allow both QEMU
> PV devices to exist, and create a combined HW/PV driver? I.e., a
> for both the emulated device under Windows (as a later version than
> one shipped in Windows). Then, if really running under Xen, the driver
> instructs dom0 to optionally terminate the QEMU server side and use
> PV approach for communication.
> As the emulated devices are well understood (and there's QEMU's
> would this be hard to do?

The way I've implemented the driver for the Xen PCI device is that it
becomes a bus driver and enumerates the things under 'devices' in
xenstore (eg vbd, vif, console) and then drivers attach to those.

For your idea to work, a single driver would need to attach to both the
emulated PCI disk/network adapter, and the Xen PV device. I don't think
this is possibly under the windows driver model.

But I've only been writing windows drivers for a few months now, so
there's probably a lot of stuff I don't know :)


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