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RE: [Xen-devel] RE: GPL Win PV driver issues

> > Hmmm... that's something I hadn't thought of doing. The approach
> > implemented, and it works well, is to create a filter for the
> > PCI device which simply removes the drivers from the bus
> > As far as windows is concerned, the moment you specify '/GPLPV' on
> > boot command line, the disk device is gone.
> I'm starting to warm up to this method. Seems like not changing dom0's
> config file is a good thing.
> I'll try adding support to xenhide to filter out ioemu net, and if
> works, then problem solved, eh?

Yep. And it should be pretty obvious where you need to make changes.

I think my concern about having both network devices attached to the
bridge is probably unwarranted... with only qemu drivers you have the
tapX device and the unused vif device. Once the PV drivers become live
you'll have the vif device and the unused tapX device. Should be fine.

Only one way to find out though :)


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